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Bikepacking adventures by Jens Haase

Sonnenuntergang in Castletownbere
Sonnenuntergang in Castletownbere

Hi, my name is Jens Haase and this is my personal blog about bikepacking and bike touring. Here, I will write down about the adventures I made along my way.

If you ever read any other bike touring blog, you probably read about how many countries they visited or how many kilometers they made. I definitely can not compete with their numbers and probably never will. I started bike touring when I noticed that I was not able to discover more new roads and trails near my home. Seeing new roads and experiencing their surrounding landscapes, was always my favorite thing in cycling. Therefore, finding new roads and experiences doesn't mean you have to quit your job, go to other countries and start a life a cycling nomad. Often you can find new roads by taking the train for a few hours and get a whole new experience.

On this website, I will cover some of these experiences. I will tell my tales about my cycling trips, show images I took during my rides and talk a little bit about the gear I used.

So, go ahead a read some tales or check out my gear !

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